Edit, Color & Visual Effects



The evolution of technology and workflow continues to blur the line between production and post. Before the shoot even begins, our post department is instrumental in generating animatics, pre-viz, and camera tests to maximize production value and push the creative forward. No longer confined to edit suites (although ours are quite comfortable) we are equipped to be mobile with editing and data management when the post process needs to start on location, in hotel rooms, and occasionally, in minivans.


For any post-production related questions,  please email us at post@futuristicfilms.com or pick up the bat phone and call us at 303-557-9670.



Futuristic is home to a full-service in-house post facility which seamlessly integrates with our production department.   We are fully staffed with an award winning team of editors, assistant editors, and colorists backed with the technology and support to allow the creative process to lead the way.  From generating dailies to story focused creative edits to finishing projects through online, color, and visual effects — we have you covered.